GENET Moro Hydrovelours Puccini
GENET Moro Hydrovelours Puccini


Heschung design desert boots. A timeless classic of the male wardrobe, these boots will soon become an essential item. Reverse welt construction mounted on a rubber sole for greater suppleness.

Odéon last shape: order in your usual size.

395,00 €

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Heschung leather


A calfskin suede treated with Scotchgard during manufacture to protect it against water and stains. Contrary to popular belief, suede is not delicate and, provided it is cared for properly, is suitable for everyday wear with no problem at all.

Heschung care


Clean with slightly soapy water or ideally with HESCHUNG shampoo. Leave to dry away from direct heat then brush lightly. Larger stains can be removed with a suede eraser or a piece of crepe rubber. From time to time, apply a light coat of waterproofing spray.
NB: Avoid suede brushes with brass bristles which are too harsh
Tannery: UK

Heschung premium restoration

Premium restoration

To get the most wear out of your Heschung shoes, our skilled artisans use traditional know-how to  professionally restore your favourite pair. Our premium restoration service is available in all Heschung store and online. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information. 

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