GENET Blue Velours Iseran
GENET Blu Velours Iseran


The Genet limited edition is a harmonious blend of materials. The epitome of refinement, this stylish suede boot, available in five colours, has a unique cachet that makes a bold statement. Iseran sole, a combination of rubber and coloured leather inlays to match the upper, bringing an elegant and authentic style to our collections.
Piped-edge finish, hand sewn stopping points, Numbered Limited Edition.
Goodyear welt construction made in France.
Color available in 40 pieces.

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Heschung leather


Calf suede which is buffed for a velvety feel. Unlike Anilcalf leather which is used on the grain side, Velours (or suede) uses the inside (flesh side) of the hide. These characteristics give this leather strength and breathability. 

Heschung care


Clean with a dry cloth or, to remove stains, use a cloth soaked in Heschung shampoo. Leave to dry well away from direct heat then brush lightly. Larger stains can be removed with a suede eraser or a natural crepe rubber brush. From time to time, apply a light coat of waterproofing spray.

Heschung Premium Restoration

Premium restoration 

To get the most wear out of your Heschung shoes, our skilled artisans use traditional know-how to  professionally restore your favourite pair. Our premium restoration service is available in all Heschung store and online. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information. 

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