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With spring on its way, now is the time to carefully put away your winter shoes, to make sure they are in top condition for next year… Before you put them into storage, we have a few essential tips for you. It is best to spend some time looking after them, so they are in great shape when you get them back out of the cupboard in six months’ time.

The first thing to do is place a shoe tree in each shoe to help them keep their shape and smooth out creases. If you don’t have shoe trees, stuff them with newspaper to absorb humidity and stretch the leather upper.

Once you’ve done this, clean smooth leather with a damp cloth to remove dirt, get rid of old polish and prepare it for the products you’re about to apply. Don’t forget to rub the welt with a special brush to eliminate dust and dirt.

Once your shoes are clean and before you begin polishing them, it is important to moisturise them using a moisturising cream (renovating milk?). This will help the leather retain its elasticity and stay naturally in good condition.

Kit d'entretien
Kit d'entretien

Now it’s time to polish. Always start with the welt, smoothing polish over the shoes using the special polish brush to restore colour and strengthen the water-resistance of the waxed linen thread. Apply polish to the upper with a damp, lightweight cotton cloth and then add a drop of water before buffing. Massage the leather in circular motions. Begin in one area and then gradually move on to the other parts of the shoe, concentrating on each part in turn. Once the shoes have dried, brush them with a horsehair brush – the natural fibres won’t scratch the leather – to remove the excess and stop polish from building up in certain areas. Finish up with a buffing cloth (wool or nylon), gently rubbing the leather until it shines.

Clean suede shoes with a dry cloth or, if removing stains, a cloth soaked in Heschung shampoo. Leave the shoes to dry away from direct heat and then gently brush. More stubborn stains can be removed with a suede eraser or natural crepe rubber brush. To finish, you can apply a reasonable amount of waterproofing spray.

It’s now time to bid your shoes farewell. It is best to keep them away from light and heat, in a dry, well-ventilated area. You can use Heschung pouches to protect them, but leave them slightly open so that the shoes can breathe.

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