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Hydrovelours, Suede, Cachemire, Hunting. Light, supple leathers with a velvety touch selected with the utmost care from the best Italian tanneries. Their silky, nuanced appearance plays subtly with the natural colours of our footwear and gives them a unique character. Contrary to popular belief, these leathers are easy to care for and can be worn regularly.

We also offer our tips for preserving the softness and vibrant colours of these leathers for as long as possible.

What you will need

Shoe trees of the correct shape, clean vegetable sponge, shampoo, soft brush with no traces of polish, crepe brush, waterproofing spray.


Remove dust with a brush that has no traces of polish.
Wash the leather with a clean sponge dampened with water.
For persistent stains, start again using shampoo or a neutral household soap then rinse with clear water. Clean both shoes in their entirety; cleaning only the dirty parts can lead to variations in colour. In case of oily marks, rinse out as quickly as possible.
Leave to dry on shoe trees away from direct heat.
Once the leather is dry, brush in the direction of the fibres with a crepe brush.

Remember to apply a light coat of colourless waterproofing spray regularly; once round the shoe at a distance of 20 cm is sufficient.
Press the spray button once before treating the leather in order to avoid spraying large droplets on the leather as they can leave marks.
Leave to dry, always on shoe trees.

Be especially careful when working with Cachemire which is a fine, delicate leather.