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Leather—a timeless material, strong and alive—requires meticulous care before being made into the shoes you wear. This standard of excellence is something that Heschung shares with its artisans, applying age-old know-how passed down through generations.

Leather has existed since the dawn of time

Worked in the Alsace region since the sixteenth century, it requires a skill mastered by only a handful of artisans, including the Haas and Degermann tanneries with whom we have worked from the outset. This long-standing collaboration is based on common values: a shared interest in nature and the finest it produces, and above all, a passion for this living material. Imbued with the life of the animal, leather bears the imprint of its earthly journey, inspiring humility and respect in every human who handles it.

At every stage of the process, from raising the animal to tanning, Heschung’s high standards underpin a whole series of operations—more than a hundred—calling for the utmost care. When this work is done, we select the finest leathers for their exceptional qualities, ensuring that our designs have the suppleness, translucency, roundness and unique grain that we pride ourselves in. And from this unique leather, unique shoes are born. The same standard of excellence prevails in our workshops, where all the senses are constantly awakened to create our designs recognised for their quality and longevity. The sense of touch guides the hand, making slow, steady gestures in keeping with the nature of the leather, the eye continuously scans the material to ensure the quality of our shoes, whether Goodyear or reverse-welted construction, while the scent hanging in the air reminds us of our connection with nature.

The combination of natural, full-grain leather and our expertise results in hard-wearing, waterproof shoes that only improve with time.

So, from our very first boots made for the schlitteurs of the Vosges up to the present day, our desire remains the same: to shape this noble material produced by our tanners, aided by a sense of design that never goes out of style, to bring you timeless footwear that keeps tradition alive.