The leather:

Naturcalf leather typically has a subtly glossy appearance and is extremely soft to the touch. Its suppleness  makes it very comfortable to wear.
It is a mineral-tanned, aniline full-grain leather. As it is vulnerable to stains and scratches, this leather is worked with great care in our workshops and protected at each stage of production.
Each pair is polished and buffed at the end of the production process to give the Naturcalf a clear, natural finish.


Naturcalf leather comes from selected hides from French calves. At an Italian tannery in Tuscany, the beauty of these  raw hides is enhanced  by a lovely  range of spring colours.


Naturcalf leather must be cared for properly to preserve the grain. Clean it with a dry or very slightly damp cloth. Ideally, use the colourless Heschung polish for light-coloured shoes. For dark-coloured shoes, prefer a polish of the same colour as the shoe. Apply the polish, leave for a while and then buff with a wool cloth.