• craftsmanship
  • French shoemaker
  • reverse welted stitching

Situated a stone’s throw from the Marne-Rhine Canal, near the family home, the factory passionately nurture’s the brand’s know-how.

Generations follow one upon the other, the older ones surrounded by creative youngsters, apprentices, craftsmen, who strive each and every day to conjugate that subtle balance of tradition and modernity, proud to be able to perpetuate it. The noises of the machines, the welt stitching, the pounding, the trimming cutters and scourers, as well as the typical odours of leather, shoe polish and rubber, have intermingled since 1934 and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Authentic reverse welted stitching, exceptional craftsmanship

Recognisable from its very typical external stitching, reverse welted stitching satisfies the most stringent requirements of toughness, waterproofing and comfort. The leather welt is adjusted to the contour of the shoe and attaches the leather and the sole from side to side with a stitch that employs linen thread soaked in pitch, which seals the hole left by the needle and guarantees its waterproofing.

Made in Ateliers Heschung

Our workshops in Alsace and Hungary produce our collections using authentic reverse welted and machine welted stitching. We employ 175 people, more than a hundred of them in France. Certain ladies’ products requiring more specific know-how are entrusted
to craftsmen in Tuscany who produce our designs according to our criteria, materials and quality requirements.

Talented men and women

Our products resemble the men and women who design and make them. Through their skill and commitment to the company, these valuable employees have helped to forge the brand’s reputation. The quality, creativity and authenticity of their know-how are providing us with the wherewithal to continue to write the brand’s history.