The natural world and natural materials are key sources of inspiration for Heschung. Reflected not only in the form of our products but also in the design of our boutiques, they are embodied in a love of simplicity and clean lines. This sobriety of design is coupled with a quest for functionality in all our creations.

Before venturing out into the wider world, our shoes begin their journey in our boutiques. All our retail spaces combine natural materials and minimalist design in a harmonious monochrome decor that emphasizes clarity and contrast. Pierre Heschung is intimately familiar with these aesthetic choices that form the basis of the brand’s image repository:

“Certain places and artists inspire me more than others and this is reflected in the collections I create and in my boutiques. Our flagship store in the Rue du Vieux Colombier in Paris with its functional, clean-lined, Scandinavian-influenced furniture echoes these inspirations.”

This showroom-cum-retail space sets the precedent for the ambiance to be found in all our boutiques: a quiet, unfussy space featuring the creations of designers whose work embodies Heschung’s values. The space is the fruit of a collaboration with Pierre Lhoas of Lhoas&Lhoas, the architect behind the Belgian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Mamma Roma in Paris and La Cambre in Brussels. A visionary at the meeting point of art and architecture, Pierre Lhoas is a lover of geometry and materials and places the emphasis on simplicity in all his designs. The shoes are thus presented in their simplest form, so that the leather, construction and last shape of each pair is brought delicately to fore.

The Heschung brand universe looks to nature for inspiration, as it guides our vision to create timeless, sturdy footwear designed for the great outdoors, whether about town or in the country. In our boutiques, among the shelves displaying our shoes, you will find handmade furniture pieces from the 1950s, rooted in the rational design tradition which favours organic forms and clean lines and made from natural materials, just like Heschung shoes.

You will find the Mayor sofa by Arne Jacobsen, one of the leading lights of Danish design, a functionalist and great lover of wood; Wishbone chairs by Hans Wegner, one of the founding fathers of the Scandinavian design tradition; the Méribel stool and Plana table by Charlotte Perriand, whose love of the outdoors came through in her refined yet rustic designs. She brought objects closer to people and brought designers down from the pedestal that the consumer tended to put them on. Ideas far removed from the conventions of the day, which have given rise to timeless designs that have endured, as much for their usefulness as for their beauty.

Creative, imaginative, human-centred design that will stand the test of time – this is the creed that guides Heschung’s actions, choices and collections. An overarching creative universe unwaveringly focused on materials and respect for the world around us.