French Shoemaker since 1934

Since 1934, Heschung has been handcrafting shoes that combine durability and comfort in its Alsace-based workshops. Our designs are characterised by a distinctively contemporary style, perfect for our fast-paced modern lifestyle.

At a time when protecting our planet’s resources and preserving regional know-how are major challenges, Heschung shoes stand out by shunning passing fads and remaining rooted in the ever more important values of classic shoemaking.

We are committed to perpetuating the traditional techniques used by the highly-qualified craftsmen in our workshops in Alsace. Their mastery of the genuine reverse-welt construction, ancestral know-how painstakingly passed on from one generation of the Heschung family to the next, allows us to continue offering you understated and timeless styles.

Our leathers are processed in Alsatian tanneries with whom we have a longstanding association, our construction techniques ensure that the shoes can, if needed, be repaired by our own technicians or an approved shoe repairer, and we are firmly committed to sharing our passion for genuine, well-made products.

Heschung is a traditional brand that is more than ever in step with the times.