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  • made to order
  • welted stitching

Refined and resistant full-grain calfskin. A colourful fabric with a subtle and detailed pattern. Two materials combining harmoniously to provide unparalleled comfort and a bold, elegant design.

Presenting the Ginkgo Technicolor, an offshoot of Heschung’s iconic Ginkgo boot. Nine different variations of this new model have been designed and will be available in our boutiques. This season, the classic and timeless model experiments with colours and materials, and is enhanced by juxtaposing calfskin and a Kvadrat cotton canvas cuff in delicate tones.

Ginkgo embodies Heschung’s values in a number of ways. Its understated lines are synonymous with the brand’s authenticity, its robustness attests to Heschung’s attention to quality across its range, and its design is true to the brand’s enduring creations. The Gingko is an iconic boot for those who like to make a statement. Shoe aficionados have grown to love the natural patina that develops on the boot over time, making it a collector’s delight. It is this unique relationship that customers have with the shoes that inspired the creation of Ginkgo Technicolor.

Ginkgo Made to order

Nestled in the boutiques is an area dedicated to the personalisation of the brand’s iconic models where customers can allow their imagination to run free. Launched a year-and-a-half ago in response to the increasing passion for exclusive collections and a desire to allow customers to personalize their footwear, this upmarket made to order service demonstrates Heschung’s unique expertise in the field.

The launch of the Ginkgo Technicolor expands the range of our made to order service and reflects a continuing desire to meet the creative needs of customers. The brand’s timeless Ginkgo model is paired with contemporary colours and a combination of refined materials to emerge anew.

The result is footwear that stands the test of time, boots that are reinvented every season but stay true to a classic design that allows the owner’s personality to shine through.

Each season, the Ginkgo appears in new materials and colours. These infinite design possibilities inspired Ginkgo Technicolor, which will be available as a made to order model only. Calfskin from the Haas tannery in Alsace can be paired with one of nine shades of a fabric designed by the Danish textile design company Kvadrat.

Finnish designer Satu Montanari, who designed the Kvadrat “Pause” textile, infuses his aesthetic with delicate colour combinations, producing warm, organic and practical fabrics that fit perfectly into the world of Heschung.

This cotton canvas displays the designer’s love for colour and its capacity to reflect mood and feelings. Used on the cuff part of the boot that provides ankle-support, the textile can be concealed or revealed to suit your mood and your outfit.

This limited-edition collection emphasises the model’s classic identity by blending elegant materials and contemporary colours. The Ginkgo Technicolor is the perfect match for any style with its coloured cuff, unassuming difference and discreet charm.

Heschung Boutique Paris 6ème

The Ginkgo Technicolor will be on display in all Heschung boutiques from September 2015 and will be available for custom orders during the autumn-winter season 2015-2016. Our team of highly skilled artisans will create these special orders at our manufacture in Alsace in six to eight weeks. Customers will receive their purchases in a unique canvas bag made from the same fabric as the boot’s cuff.

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