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Beluga leather is double-tanned using a time-honoured technique, and hot-stuffed, which gives it exceptional suppleness and waterproof qualities.

The leather

The aniline full-grain finish has a two-tone caviar grain which gives it depth and a special character.
The summer version of our Beluga leather is finer, which makes it suppler and lighter. It is available in four colours: White, Azure, Gold and Clay.


It comes from a French tannery situated in the heart of Alsace, which makes its leathers from French calfskins.

How to clean it?

Clean with a dry or very slightly damp cloth. Ideally, use HESCHUNG polish because too hard a wax or resin can alter the appearance of the grain. Apply the polish, leave for a while and then buff with a wool cloth. Use a polish preferably of the same colour as the shoe.
For light colours (Clay, White, Azure), we recommend a colourless polish.
If the shoes have not been worn for a while, the natural wax present in the leather may come up to the surface. This is a natural reaction of Beluga leather, called « repousse » in French. You can lessen its whitish appearance by cleaning with a dry cloth and polishing your shoes normally.

All the necessary shoe care and cleaning accessories are available from our e-shop and  in Heschung boutiques.