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Lookbook intemporels 2023

Raymond, Éric, Michelle, Patricia, Thibaut, and Claude, on the other hand, are familiar with the region. In fact, they were born around the Manufacture, live there, or simply cultivate their gardens. It's a countryside far from fantasy, deeply rooted in the reality of the land or simply in their love for the surrounding nature. The poetry of rural life, a rural world to which we are attached, just like to our Alsatian cradle, whose culture, rituals, and traditions make our house a manifesto of inherited craftsmanship.

Thibaut, 17 years old, wears the Catalpa derby.

Thibaut, 17 years old, wears the Catalpa derby.

It is said that the motto of youth is daydreaming. At Heschung, we prefer to talk about curiosity. The kind of curiosity that, in his grandparents' garden on a hot summer day, leads Thibaut to get closer to the tall grass, in search of an unknown insect or a mysterious plant. At his feet, a specimen designed to age gracefully. The Catalpa derby, an iconic figure from the Heschung Workshops, utilizes tanned leather from Alsace, Norwegian construction, and a patented sole to improve with time. For a very, very long time

The Catalpa derby

Patricia, 58 years old, wears the Maly derby.

After a period in the city's hustle and bustle, Patricia quickly realized that the fields, the forest, the singing of birds, and the open views were more her cup of tea. Thus, beneath the wooden beams of a rustic room steeped in memories, she observes. In front of her, the rock of Petite Pierre. To the left, the green. To the right, the green (a shade darker, from a coniferous forest). Down below? Her pair of Maly derbies, with their signature Norwegian stitching and a sole designed for hiking in the forest.

The Maly derby

Michelle, 88 years old, wears the Ginkgo ankle boot.

In her garden, with a thousand colors and a thousand scents, Michelle could be a personification of Françoise Hardy's famous song: a blooming rose, happy and in love in the sunshine. In fact, if the magenta of her raincoat matches the Sophia Loren roses in the flowerbed, it's the red of the Ginkgo ankle boot she wears for gardening that reflects the passion she devotes to her budding friends. The same passion that motivates the craftsmen at the Manufacture in its production.

The Ginkgo ankle boot