French Shoemaker since 1934

Our values

Our values


We have aimed to uphold the values of sustainable and mindful consumption by using natural materials to craft long-lasting footwear with a timeless style since 1934. Our shoes are conceptualised, designed and crafted to be impeccable and to withstand many years of daily use.

Ateliers - Heschung

Traditional manufacturing techniques

Since 1934, Heschung shoes have been designed and made in France by highly skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques painstakingly passed down over the years from one generation of the Heschung family to the next. This ancestral know-how of genuine reverse welt and Goodyear welt construction makes our shoes exceptionally durable and waterproof.

Shoes that can be resoled and repaired

As our products are crafted using traditional techniques in our workshops, they can be resoled and repaired if needed, to ensure their durability over time.


Our leathers are made from French hides and are sourced from local tanneries with whom we have a long-standing association spanning generations. The wool, textiles and rubbers used to craft our shoes and soles are natural materials produced in compliance with all the environmental standards currently in force.

Hides of French origin

Since 1934, our leathers have been made from French hides sourced from local partners with whom we share the same exacting standards of excellence for high quality leathers that only improve with age.

Natural rubber soles

Our soles are made of exclusive rubber blends and natural rubbers developed specifically for our collections. The design of our soles is recognisable by a horizontal marking on the heel.


Heschung's approach is defined by a quest for simplicity in pursuit of a timeless style. Beautiful yet functional, our shoes are created and designed without any compromise on their quality, durability and comfort. Embodying ancestral know-how and crafted from natural materials, they embody our vision for today and tomorrow.

Attention to detail

Our shoes are designed with the utmost care, right from the exclusive finishes to the functional details developed by Heschung for greater ease of wear, comfort and durability.

A stylish and comfortable fit

We have extensively studied the shapes and designs of each of our footwear models to strike the right balance between style and functionality. Combined with our traditional expertise, these high standards ensure the comfort and reputation of our shoes and boots.