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Premium restoration

Repair of your shoes by our Heschung artisans

Restoration in our workshops

Crafted using traditional reverse or Goodyear welt construction techniques, your Heschung shoes are designed to last.

You can avail of this restoration service in any Heschung boutique or by completing the following form.

1. Assessment

Take your shoes to any of our boutiques to have them professionally examined by our technicians. If your pair can be restored in our workshops, we will take it from there.

2. Disassembly

Your shoes will be completely taken apart so that the upper and soles can be separated for re-assembly. This careful operation ensures they return to their original shape.

3. Resoling

A new sole identical to the original sole is then sewn to the leather upper using our traditional reverse or Goodyear welt techniques.

4. Polish and finish

Polishing is the last step of restoration. Our artisans take care to preserve the patina even as they help your shoes regain their original shine.

Ateliers Heschung restoration fees

  • - Complete resoling (rubber sole): €250
  • - Complete resoling (leather sole): €260
  • - Replacement of the counter: €100

The turnaround time is usually 8-10 weeks.

Restoration by an approved shoe repairer

The assessment in our boutique will determine whether your shoes need to be entrusted to one of our own workshops or to one of our approved shoe repairers. In the latter case, we will direct you to one of our shoe repair partners.

See a list of approved shoe repairers near you:


In case your shoes cannot be restored or repaired to satisfaction but can still be used, Heschung offers you the option of donating them for a good cause. We are committed to giving them a second life through our charitable initiative.

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