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The Heschung shoes are made with the finest leathers from the best-quality tanneries operating according to traditional methods. They are a reflection of the outstanding skills of the men and women who have been working with us for three generations. The shoes are made with the utmost care and unsurpassed attention to detail so as to offer even better comfort and ensure their allure increases with the passing of time.

Here are a few tips you should follow every day so as to extend the life of your footwear.

  • Do not wear shoes two days in a row. Humidity could damage the leather. When not in use, stores shoes with their wooden shoe trees to maintain their proper shape.
  • Use a shoe-horn and make sure you open the laces properly, so as not to damage the heel.
  • Never put your wet shoes near a source of heat. The leather may dry out and lose its suppleness

How to polish your shoes:

1. Place a shoe tree in each shoe to help them stretch the upper’s leather.

2. Clean with a damp cloth to remove dirt and get rid of old polish. Your leather is ready to be taken care of. Don’t forget to rub the welt with a brush to eliminate dust and dirt.

Nettoyage - Ateliers Heschung

How to polish your shoes:

Graissage - Ateliers Heschung

3. Now it’s time to polish. Always start with the welt and use a brush to apply polish or dubbin in the case of a reverse welt construction to avoid staining the white waxed linen thread.

4. Apply polish to the upper with a damp, lightweight cotton cloth. Massage the leather in circular motions. Begin in one area and then gradually move on to the other parts of the shoe, concentrating on each part in turn.

Cirage - Ateliers Heschung

5. Once the shoes have dried, brush them with a horsehair brush – the natural fibers won’t scratch the leather – to remove the excess and stop polish from building up in certain areas.

6. Finish up with a buffing cloth (wool or nylon), gently rubbing the leather until it shines.

Brossage - Ateliers HeschungLustrage - Ateliers Heschung

Cleaning of the suede leather :

1. No need for polish for suede shoes. Clean with a dry cloth or, if removing stains, a cloth soaked in Heschung shampoo.

2. Leave the shoes to dry away from direct heat and then gently brush. More stubborn stains can be removed with a suede eraser or natural crepe rubber brush.

3. To finish, you can apply a reasonable amount of waterproofing spray.

Velours - Ateliers Heschung

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